If you’ve been working your ass off at the gym and haven’t made some of the gains you’re looking for, it can be pretty frustrating.

People who really want to take on bodybuilding and get their body to a new level of greatness end up using anabolic steroids to get those results. For some, sticking to a steroids cycle can really help.

We keep up a great blog that can help you learn everything you need to know about using steroids.

If you’re just a beginner in the world of using steroids, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Steroid cycling is the best way to see the results you want while staying safe.

Keep reading to learn more about what a steroid cycle is and how you can use it.


What is a steroid cycle?


A steroid cycle is a way of using steroids for muscle growth.

People choose to use steroids in a cycle (or you can think about it in phases) to make sure their body doesn’t experience the side-effects that can happen from using steroids.

These include hair loss, hormonal changes, and other problems. So, it’s always a good idea to check in with your doctor before you begin a steroid cycle– just to make sure you’re healthy enough.


Length of a steroid cycle


Since this is an “everything you need to know” guide, it’s best that we talk about duration first.

It’s pretty common for someone who isn’t in the industry to think that people who use steroids do so every day, forever.

This isn’t true and is pretty dangerous. That’s why we cycle.

The usual length of a steroid cycle is 4 to 15 weeks.

Once you’re done with a cycle you have a few options for how you want to tackle your recovery time. And remember, this is something you don’t want to skimp out on.


Equal on/off periods


If you’re planning on using anabolic steroids for the long term, it’s recommended that you stick to this kind of cycle schedule. Why? Because it’s a good way to maintain healthy growth.

You will want to stick to an equal on and off schedule. Meaning, if you spent 10 weeks using steroids, you will want to commit to spending 10 weeks off of them.

During these recovery periods, focus on heading to the gym and getting the best nutrition possible. Listen to your body and also make sure to see a doctor to check your bloodwork.


On and half off


For people who are healthy and want to see their gains quicker, and to keep growing, this cycle schedule may work best.

You will spend half of the time you’ve been on steroids for your recovery period.

This means that a 10-week cycle using steroids will come with a 5 week recovery period. Or a 4-week cycle will give you 2 weeks of recovery.


Double off time


People using steroids that want to take away more conservative approach and make sure they have a lot of time to recover should pay attention to this approach.

If you have a 10-week cycle on steroids, you will then spend 20 weeks in recovery.

Your body will have plenty of time to filter your steroids and let you focus on your nutrition. It’s important that you continue to hit the gym to maintain and grow the results you got during your cycle on.

Because you will be spending so much time in recovery, you may be more prone to losing muscle mass that you got during your cycle on. So pay attention to your macros and time spent at the gym to minimize this risk.

So pay attention to your macros and time spent at the gym to minimize this risk.




When people are on a steroid cycle, it’s pretty common for them to “stack” the kinds of steroids they’re using.

If you’re a beginner, it may be best to hold off on stacking until your second steroid cycle rotation.

Some common combinations include Testosterone enanthate and Dianabol as well as Testosterone enanthate and Nandrolone decanoate.


When should you consider a steroid cycle?


To finish up our newbie guide to using steroid cycles, here’s when we think you should really consider starting this method:


You’ve been body building for a while


If you’ve been in the game for the while and have your nutrition on point, it’s likely that you reached your natural peak.

This means that no matter what you do, you really won’t be able to get bigger than what you’ve already achieved. This is the point where starting up steroids makes the most sense.


You have finished growing


You will also want to make sure that you’ve finished growing. As in your body isn’t getting taller or building much bone anymore.

This basically means that you’re over 18 years old. This is when most men stop growing. For women, you can expect to stop growing between the ages of 15 and 17.

But you should definitely hold off on jumping into steroid use the day after your 18th birthday. Many people do continue to grow and develop after these age ranges.

You can spend a few years working out and growing to your full potential before starting a steroid cycle.


You are mentally ready to go through cycling


Steroids are known to make some changes in your mood as well as your body.

You’re ready to begin a steroid cycle when you’re also ready to handle any changes that come your way. This means being in a good place mentally and having no depression or additional anger problems.

Are you ready to start?

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