Semi-finished Injectable Oil Based Trenbolone Acetate 75mg/ml on Sale

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Trenbolone Acetate

Other names

Tren A, Trenbolone Acetate, Parabolan 

Neo, Trenadex Acetate, Trenboxyl Acetate

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Semi-finished Injectable Oil Based Trenbolone Acetate 75mg/ml on Sale

Content: trenbolone acetate raw powder.
Solvents: benzyl alcohol & benzyl benzoate
Carrier: USP grape seed oil. (or other carrier oil as required.)
Concentrations of semi finished trenbolone acetate oil available:
@75 mg/ml @100 mg/ml

Oil Based Trenbolone Acetate - 100ml @75mg/ml Common Recipe:

7.5 grams tren ace powder;
90.64 ml grape seed oil;
3 ml Benzyl Alcohol (3%);
without BB.

If you prefer, you also could replace grape seed oil into ethyl oleate or MCT.


Injectable Trenbolone Acetate Introduction:

Trenbolone Acetate is widely regarded as the most potent anabolic steroid (five times more anabolic than Testosterone). It’s primary advantages are similar to other steroids, however, they are greatly enhanced. Injecting every other day and stacked with Test prop, Mast prop and either Anavar or Winstrol will lead to a hard, lean physique. Typically injected EOD due to a short half life.


Injectable Trenbolone Acetate Benefits:

Strength & size gainer.
Fat burner.
Giveslean, hardened, dry & quality muscle.
Increase appetite and optimize proteine absorption
It’s a fast-acting anabolic.
No water retention, no anti-estrogen needed.


Injectable Trenbolone Acetate Dosage:

Like other steroids that are extremely androgenic, Trenbolone Acetate 100 offers several advantages for a user. First, due to the androgenic nature of the drug a user can expect a large increase in their strength. This makes the compound extremely popular with strength athletes. However bodybuilders looking to reduce their body fat also find that Trenbolone Acetate 100 can help them achieve their goals as well. This ability to help in the reduction of body fat stems from the drug's affinity for binding to the androgen receptors. These androgen receptors are located in, among other places, fat cells. When these androgens bind to the androgen receptors they can affect these cells and increase fat-burning. When this is combined with the fact that Trenbolone Acetate100 has a cortisol reducing effect along with the ability to bind to the glucocorticoid receptor, it can be understood why this compound is so highly touted for dieting and the reduction of body fat.

As for the ester of Trenbolone Acetate, acetate is a relatively short-chain ester. It has an active life of two to three days. Ideally a user would use daily injections to keep blood levels of the compound fairly stable, however injections every other day will suffice. The acetate ester provides a rapid and high concentration of the hormone which is beneficial to those seeking quick gains, and coupled with a rapid clearing time the acetate ester can be discontinued on the onset of adverse side effects without having to wait days or even weeks for it's effects to diminish.

In terms of cycle length, due to the liver toxicity associated with Trenbolone Acetate100 most inexperienced users will limit their use of the compound to about eight to ten weeks. However, like most compounds, more experienced users have stretched these limits to accommodate their goals. However if a user chooses to extend their use of the compound for lengthy periods of time it is imperative that kidney and liver values are monitored to ensure that no damage to the organs is being done.
Dosages for users are highly dependent on how they react individually to the compound. Many users anecdotally report that side effects are minimal if doses are kept at certain levels but can turn rather harsh if doses are increased even slightly. For this reason it is important that inexperienced users start with low doses of the compound to judge their reaction to it. 50 mgs per day is often cited as the standard starting point for most. However doses even lower than this, such as 75mgs every other day, are used by some with good results.

Effective dose: 50-100 mg in every other day

Use for: 8 - 12 weeks

Reference Dosage and Cycle:

Testosterone propionate 100-150mg eod, 6-8weeks
Trenbolone acetate 75-100mg eod, 6-8 weeks, PCT 4 days after last prop injection.



Testosterone enanthate 750mg per week, weeks 1-12
Trenbolone enanthate 400mg per week, weeks 1-12
Winstrol 50mg ed weeks, 8-14

Primobolan 600mg per week, weeks 1-10
Testosterone propionate 200mg eod weeks 1-12
Trenbolone enanthate 400mg per week, weeks 1-10



Primobolan 600mg per week, weeks 1-10
Trenbolone enanthate 400mg per week, weeks 1-10
Testosterone enanthate 1000mg per week, weeks 1-12
Trenbolone enanthate 500-700mg per week, weeks 1-12
Anavar 80-100mg ed, weeks 1-14


Very advanced/pre-contest:

Testosterone propionate 100-200mg ed
Trenbolone acetate 75-100mg ed
Masteron 400-600mg per week
Winstrol 50mg ed
Primobolan 600mg per week
Halotestin 10-20mg ed


Injectable Trenbolone Acetate Side Effects:

Trenbolone Acetate 100 does not exhibit any estrogenic activity and therefore estrogenic side effects are not a concern with this compound. It is also resistant to the 5 alpha reductase enzyme, but this is of little comfort to a user as trenbolone is already of the most androgenic drugs in common use by steroid users. For this reason androgenic side effects should be expected by most users that undertake a cycle of this drug. Prostate enlargement and oily skin/acne are commonly reported by users. As well anecdotally many users have reported that Trenbolone Acetate 100 is one of, if not the, harshest compound for losing one's hair. If a user is genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness he may want to avoid trenbolone.

Having listed the harsh androgenic nature and side effects associated with trenbolone, it should come as no surpirse that women are not recommended to use this compound. The usual virilizing effects such as deepening of the voice, body/facial hair growth, and enlargement of the clitoris, among others are likely to cause problems for female users. These effects can appear at even relatively low doses. Trenbolone is not a compound that women should attempt to administer.
Now due to the lack of estrogenic side effects associated with trenbolone it would seem that users would have little to worry about in terms of side effects like gynecomastia, water retention, etc. However Trenbolone Acetate 100 is a progestin, meaning that it has the ability to bind to receptors of the female sex hormone progesterone. Also, like other 19-nor compounds trenbolone increases prolactin levels. Side effects related to these reactions can include breast growth and lactation. To prevent these side effects as they relate to increased prolactin levels a user can use several compounds including bromocriptine, vitamin b6, and/or cabergoline. Letrzole can also be used to lower progesterone levels. It should also be noted that trenbolone lowers thyroid levels temporarily which in turn raises prolactin levels. It is therefore advisable that users may want to use the compound T3 to combat this effect in part.


What Forms of Trenbolone Acetate is HKYCGC Offering?

So far, we are offering Trenbolone Acetate powder , Trenbolone Acetate semi finished oil , Tri Tren 180 semi finished oil , Rippex 225 semi finished steroid oil , Tren Test 225 semi finished oil and Rip Cut 175 semi finished oil , Tren 251 semi finished oil , Trenbolone Multiplex 225 and Lipid Incinerate (rip blend) semi finished oil .


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Minimum order quantity of our steroids in powder is 10g.
Minimum order quantity of our semi-finished steroid liquid is 100ml.

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