Semi-finished Injectable Oil Based Megabol 300mg/ml on Sale

Megabol 300mg/ml Characteristics







Main active substances

Trenbolone Enanthate 100mg,

Drostanolone Enanthate 100mg,

Testosterone Enanthate 100mg

Other names

Megabol 300

Minimum order



Semi-finished Injectable Oil Based Megabol 300mg/ml on Sale

Per ml Content:
Trenbolone enanthate 100mg
Drostanolone enanthate 100mg
Testosterone enanthate 100mg
Active Ingredient: Trenbolone enanthate ,Drostanolone enanthate and Testosterone enanthate.
USP Grade Materials: Raw Powders, BA, BB, carrier oil
Carrier Oil: grapeseed oil, Ethyl Oleate, cottonseed oil. The ratio of oil can be adjusted as required.
Vial, stopper, cap, filter, filter membrane, crimper and labels can be provided here.
Availability: Oil based: @300 mg/ml


Semi-finished Injectable Oil Based Megabol - Per ml @300mg/ml Common Recipe:

100mg Trenbolone enanthate
100mg Drostanolone enanthate
100mg Testosterone enanthate
Solvents: benzyl alcohol & benzyl benzoate
USP Grape Seed Oil

If you prefer, you also could replace grape seed oil into ethyl oleate or MCT.


Magabol 300 Introduction:

Megabol 300 is designed for Professional athletes.There are 3 motivation behind creating this unique products. Megabol 300 are designed very similar to populer cycles which athletes use all the time. Only difference is using all products from minimum amount of ml s. Professional athletes always use high mgs for their cycles. That means lots of injection amount (15-20 ml per week) and they always have problems with finding new injection places. This is a very cummon problem and its very hard to continue a steroid cycle which will give you lots of hurting injection sites. This problem also effects training negatively 2-Latest researches showed that injecting maximum amount of mg per ml produces more result, even though 2 people are using same mg of same product. For example , 2 athletes decided to use 1400 mg Nandrolone Decaonate per week. 1 of them uses Greek yellow top Deca which is 100 mg per ml and inject 14 ml of product per week, other one decides to use Optimum Pharma Decabolon 350 and injects only 4 ml per week, the athlete who chooose Optimum Pharma will have more gains. 3- There are 3 types of steroids and all of the steroids that athletes use, belong to 1 of these families. These are ,: Testosterone derivatives, DHT(Dihydrotestosterone) derivatives Nandrolone (19-nortestosterone) derivatives. Each family have their own unique special effects. So latest researches show that if your cycle have at least 1 steroid from each family, Then you will have a very sinergic and powerful combination. For Example, An athlete needs a cutting cycle , he wants lose fat, Then he must use a powerful androgen and good cutting steroids. We will take Trenbolone from Nandrolone family for high androgen levels We will take Stanozolol from DHT family for dry and clean look. And for last we need Testosterone but of course propionate for low water retention. This cycle has been 1 of the most successful cycles of all time. As a final warning , Megabol 300 is for Professional(Competitive) athletes . If you are looking for some muscle gains please try other products. Because Megabol 300 are really powerful and they are suitable for atheles who already use more then 2000-3000 mg steroid weekly per cycle. For normal athletes Megabol 300 can produce some negative side effects because their body is not used to have this amount powerful steroids in high concentrations. These side effects can be steroid fever , feeling sleepy and tired unusually.


Magabol 300 Usage:

Megabol 300 is many customers favourite product with such a great and versitale combination. It is deisgned Bulk and Lean mass purposes. It carries 1 steroid from each type and all steroids are choosen to match perfectly with each other. It carries Trenbolon which is a powerful steroid with many good abilities, Drostanolone for solidfy the bulk gains and stops extra water and fat retention plus as an anti-estrogen and finally long ester Testosterone for promoting needed muscle mass. You may consider Megabol 300 as leaner version of Ultrabol 300. You may use Megabol 300 at the start of Competition preparation and after that you may switch products to Ultrabol 150 and add Stanolon tablets to maximize cutting effect.

For off season purposes there are many customers who gain 15-22 lbs (7 - 10 kg ) without fat or water per cycle with this product


As an Example:

Lets say you have 20 weeks to competition
Megabol 300 4-5 ml per week for 12 weeks long
Ultrabol 150 5-6 ml per week for last 8 weeks
Stanolon tablets 40-50 mg per day last 3 weeks


What can be good with Megabol 300?

-Anyway its a very complete product but still some advanced users can have benefit from:
-Stanolon 10 tablets, Stanolon 50 and Stanolon 100 injectables
-Primobolon 100, Primobolon 75
-Oxandrolone 10, Oral Turinabol 10, Provirone 25, Mestanolone 10, Superdrol 10 Tablets.
-T-3 ( Throid ) tablets
-1-Testomax 75 ( Dihydroboldenone )


What is the minimum order quantity of your products?

Minimum order quantity of our steroids in powder is 10g.
Minimum order quantity of our semi-finished steroid liquid is 100ml.

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