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Product Name: Androsterone Powder

CAS #:   53-41-8

Purity:   ≥98%

Androsterone Synonyms:Androsterone

Androsterone Price:   According to your needs

Androsterone Half Life:   Active half-life less than 30 minuites

Androsterone Dosage:   400mg to 600mg daily

Androsterone Detection time:   Detection time 3 months

Androsterone Side Effect:   cause early onset male pattern baldness in men;Use of the steroid in woman can cause unwanted hair growth, as well as male pattern baldness. Particularly, facial hair is seen on woman that use the steroid;Use of the steroid can cause heart problems, including heart attacks;Increased acne and a speeding up of the puberty process;jaundice

Androsterone Results:  Androsterone is purportedly poorly absorbed when consumed orally, so its significance as a Test-boosting agent is unclear. It has never been studied in humans for this purpose.Androsterone also appears to possess some anti-convulsant effects, noted in mice, wich are GABA-related. It’s not clear how this might relate to humans though.


Androsterone Descriptions:

Androsterone is one of the androgens, which are steroid hormones that affect the masculinization of the fetus and child and that maintain or create masculine traits in adults. Testosterone is the most active and abundant of the androgens. Androsterone was originally isolated from male urine in very small amounts. Many scientists believe it to be a metabolic byproduct of the breakdown of testosterone, and many scientists who study pheromones think it might be active in human relations.

A molecule of androsterone is very similar to testosterone. It consists of three six-member carbon rings and one five member ring joined along common sides. The molecular formula is C19 H30 O2. It has a beta-isomer called epiandrosterone, in which an hydroxyl group occupies a different geometric position. The ratio of androsterone to epiandrosterone is thought to be important in how masculine behavior is interpreted by others

Pheromones are well known in insect behavior. Their role in insect mating, navigation and nest protection has been studied, and active compounds have been isolated. Pheromones are the basis of some insect baits. Their effect on mammal behavior patterns is less well understood.


Androsterone Effects:

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Androsterone and Epiandrosterone are essentially the same molecule, with androsterone being the 3-alpha isomer and epiandrosterone being the 3-beta isomer. While these two compounds are almost identical and both convert to stanolone, androsterone has one advantage over epiandrosterone. Androsterone not only does not convert to estrogen, but it also actually has anti-estrogen effects, making it particularly good to use during a cutting cycle to aid in fat loss. Because of this anti-estrogen effect, estrogen related side effects such as gynecomastia are not only not a concern, but androsterone can actually reduce these side effects when it is used with a prohormone that does convert to estrogen while on a bulking cycle. Because stanolone is very androgenic, one would think that androgenic side effects such as hair loss would be a big concern with androsterone. Luckily, this actually doesn’t appear to be too prevalent among users, but it is still something to keep an eye on. As mentioned before, this compound is great for cutting cycles. It can aid in fat loss and increase strength and feelings of well being and energy, all of which are certainly welcome on a cutting cycle. As with its 3-beta isomer epiandrosterone, androsterone appears to have some immediate neurological effects such as increased strength, agression, and energy.
While both androsterone and epiandrosterone may be used as a capsule, androsterone may be more powerful when used as a sublingual (where it is absorbed through the tissues under the tongue directly into the blood stream) and epiandrosterone looks promising to use as a transdermal (where it is applied to and absorbed through the skin). For this reason, androsterone products are often sold as a lozenge to be dissolved slowly in the mouth. The typical dosage range for androsterone is 300-400 mg/day, though some may dose higher. This is best used in 4-6 week cycles, with a mild over the counter post-cycle therapy to follow such as an all-in-one test booster and estrogen blocker, of which there are many to choose from.
Androsterone is a very versatile prohormone with many benefits to its use. Androsterone was included in the original version of LG Sciences T-911 for the pre-workout boost that it provides, and was also included at a low dose in a previous version of LG-Sciences Formadrol Extreme for its anti-estrogen properties. Currently, both epiandrosterone and Androsterone are available in the prohormone Epi-1 Test.

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