99%+ Purity Altrenogest Pure Estrogen Steroid Powder

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99%+ Purity Altrenogest Pure Estrogen Steroid Powder


Altrenogest Details:

Product Name: Altrenogest
Synonyms: 11-trien-3-one,17-alpha-allyl-17-hydroxy-estra-9;17-allyltrenbolone;17-alpha-allyl-estratriene-4,9,11,17-beta-ol-3-one;17-hydroxy-17-(2-propenyl)-(17-beta)-estra-11-trien-3-one;drc6246;r2267;ru2267;ALLYLTRENBOLONE
CAS: 850-52-2
MF: C21H26O2
MW: 310.43
EINECS: 212-703-1
Chemical Properties: Pale Yellow Solid
Usage: A synthetic progestational agent used in veterinary medicine for the control of estrus in mares.


Altrenogest Specifications:


Items of analysisSpecificationResults
AppearanceAlomost white or light yellow crystallineconforms
Loss on Drying≤0.50%0.08%
Melting Point116ºC~121ºC117.2ºC~119.2ºC
Specific rotation-67.0°~-77.0°-67.93°
Related foreign steroids≤2%conform


Altrenogest Descriptions:

Altrenogest is a synthetic trienic C21 steroidal progestomimetic, belonging to the 19-nor-testosterone series. It is an orally active (pro)gestagen. Like all steroids, altrenogest acts by its liposolubility by penetrating the target cells where it binds to specific receptors. In veterinary medicine, altrenogest is used in gilts and mares for zootechnical purposes (oestrus synchronization).

the progesten altrenogest has been used in the horse industry to manage estrous cycles in mares. Until recently, the only FDA-approved altrenogest on the market has been Merial's Regu-Mate, a product long-trusted for its quality control.


Altrenogest Effects:

Adverse effects of altrenogest appear to be minimal when used at labeled dosages. One study (Shideler et al. 1983) found negligible changes in hematologic and most "standard" laboratory tests after administering altrenogest to 4 groups of horses (3 dosages, 1 control) over 86 days. Occasionally, slight changes in Ca++, K+, alkaline phosphatase and AST were noted in the treatment group, but values were only slightly elevated and only noted sporadically. No pattern or definite changes could be attributed to altrenogest. No outward adverse effects were noted in the treatment group during the trial.
the following people should not handle the product:
1. Women who are or suspect that they are pregnant
2. Anyone with thrombophlebitis or thromboembolic disorders or with a history of these events
3. Anyone having cerebrovascular or coronary artery disease
4. Women with known or suspected carcinoma of the breast
5. People with known or suspected estrogen-dependent neoplasia
6. Women with undiagnosed vaginal bleeding
7. People with benign or malignant tumor which developed during the use of oral contraceptives or other estrogen containing products

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