99%+ Purity Choline Bitartrate CAS No.: 87-67-2

Product Summary:


Choline bitartrate is a nutritional supplement and Quzhi agent, it can promote fat metabolism, prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver.



99%+ Purity Choline Bitartrate CAS No.: 87-67-2

Choline Bitartrate Details:

Choline Bitartrate
Name:L(+)-Choline bitartrate
CAS NO:56-41-7
Molecular Formula:C9H19NO7 
Molecular Weight:253.25
Content (%):98.5%-100.5%
Specification:USP 26 
Physical properties:Colorless transparent or white phosphorus crystalline powder, hygroscopic. Sour taste, odorless or faint trimethylamine odor, soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether, chloroform and benzene.
Product Application:• Infant food, formulas and milk powder to improved Infant cognitive development and prenatal nutrition.
• Enhanced brain function and memory for all ages. 
• Health benefits for ADHD, Alzheimer, autism and cardiovascular and liver problems. 
• Multivitamin complex and functional food/drinks for recuperative value for fatigue of hard workers. and athletes.
• Feed additive. 
• Salt substitute for intermediates and API.
• Substitute of Choline Chloride. 
Product Description:Is a nutritional supplement and Quzhi agent, it can promote fat metabolism, prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver.
Particles:20 mesh, 40 mesh
Packing:Outer packing: 25kg / carton
Inner packing: 25KG / white plastic bag, 5KG / aluminum foil bag

Put in a cool, dry place, kept under seal.


Choline Bitartrate Specification:



Food Chemicals Codex ( IV )

Identification A , B , C


Assay > %


As ≤%


Heavy metals(as Pb ) ≤%


Pb ≤%


Residue on ignition ≤%


Moisture ≤%



3.4 ~ 3.7



Escherichia coli






number of microzyme


Total number of bacteria



white crystalline powder


Choline Bitartrate Description:

Choline bitartrate, the choline's hydrogen tartrate (with the choline's assay occupies 35%), is a nutritional supplement and fat remover. It can promote the fat's metabolism and prevent the fat's accumulation in liver. Being a vitamin product, it has been popularly applied to medicine, healthcare products and to be a nutritious additive in food. For it is easy to be absorbed and its side effect to people is low, the L(+) choline bitartrate has being gradually replaced choline chloride and DL- choline bitartrate, to be as a food additive when being used for children and expectant mother. Choline bitartrate is easy to absorb moisture, for which, is a difficult problem to deal with when being used, and we adopt high-tech film former now to prevent the mositure absorbing happenning again effectively after a long time of studing. And the quality of which has reached to FCCIV and USP standards.


Choline Bitartrate Application:

Choline bitartrate(with the assay of choline 40%) is a nutritious additive and fat remover. It can enhance fatty metabolism in human beings and eliminate the accumulation of fatty in liver. Being a product of vitamin, it can be applied to medicine, healthcare product and food. L(+) choline bitartrate now has the tendency of replacing the choline chloride crystal and DL- choline bitartrate when being used for children and mother-to be. The pure one is to be colorless or white crytal powder, easy to moisture, whose quality has reached to the FCCIV and USP standards


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