99.5% + Purity Noopept CAS No.: 7491-74-9

Product Summary:


Noopept is one of the most effective and strongest of all the Nootropic supplements on the market today.It has been found improve memory, learning capacity, focus, and concentration.



99.5% + Purity Noopept CAS No.: 7491-74-9

Noopept Details:

Product Name: Noopept
Alias: N-(1-(Phenylacetyl)-L-prolyl)glycine ethyl ester
CAS No.:157115-85-0
Molecular Formula: C17H22N2O4
Assay: 99%
Appearance: white crystalline powder
Grade Standard: Food Grade, Medicine Grade
Package: 5kg/drum

Noopept Specification:


ItemSpecificationResultTest Method
Active Ingredeints
Assay(As Dried Base,%)98.5% to 101%99.68%HPLC
Physical Control
AppearanceCrystalline PowderCompliesVisual
ColorWhite to ColourlessCompliesVisual
Odor &TasteCharacteristicCompliesOrganoleptic
IdentificationPositiveCompliesIR&1H NMR
Loss on Drying≤1.0%0.35%USP
Melting point97°C-98°C97°C-98°CUSP
Residue on ignition≤0.5%0.08%USP


Noopept Description:

1.Noopept is one of the most effective and strongest of all the Nootropic supplements on the market today.It has been found improve memory, learning capacity, focus, and concentration.

2.This guide is designed to explain some of the positive benefits of Noopept, how the supplement actually works, proper dosage levels, and even ways to combine it with other Nootropics for improved or additional benefits.

3.Noopept is considered the best Nootropic for potency, value and safety by many people in the world of brain supplements.

4.Anyone out there who is looking for a way to improve mental functions and processes like memory, learning, and recall should look no further than Noopept.There has been a lot of research into this Nootropic supplement demonstrating many benefits including a number of clinical uses.

5.Noopept has proven effective for enhancing some of the basic functions of your brain's neurons resulting in increased intellect, greater concentration, massive amounts of energy and even mood enhancement.It is time to take a closer look at exactly what this supplement, Noopept benefits, medical uses, and how much to take in order to achieve the best effects.


Noopept Effects:

1.Noopept is one of the most exciting and powerful Nootropics to hit the market in a long time.As a derivative member of the Racetam family, the supplement has a very low level of toxicity and is well-tolerated by almost everyone.

2.It poses significant benefits for multiple dimensions of cognition including enhanced learning, reasoning and memory.Since it is much more potent than most of the other Racetam supplements, you will only need to take a very small dose in order for it to be effective, making it very affordable as well.

3.Many users and potential users wonder exactly how Noopept works, whether there are any side effects, and what the potential short-term and long-term benefits might be.The following article will take you through some of the most common Noopept effects and mechanisms of action.


Noopept Usage:

1.Noopept is used to increase concentration, enhance learning capacity and to hone reasoning skills. For some people, it also offers heightened perceptual awareness.

2.Choline supplementation is combined with Noopept to potentiate its function in the brain and to reduce onset of headache sometimes brought on through acetylcholine fatigue. Choline has been reported by some to have positive effects on mood.

3.Noopept and Choline work well together to enhance mental clarity, increase both short- and long-term memory, clear brain fog and give the user an overall cognitive boost.


Noopept Dosage:

Suggested dosage is 10-30mg daily.Volumetric measuring devices cannot be used to accurately measure a supplement powder. Due to the potency and nature of this product, you MUST use a scale with resolution of at least 1 milligram (0.001 grams) which you can find in our store.

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